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SucH A DaY

Jan. 14th, 2007 | 11:46 pm

such a day , incredible

i can't belive i really donnot have a life, all this time thinking i had someone to be with, but this was not true, and it won't be true anyway.

this day was terrible , it all began when we went to fetch my father from his house, he saw me and said really huting thing and really bad things,  then while we were at the road he hit me on my head badly with the news paper, nd then my mother , who was driving the car, told him to get off the car, but he didn't want to do it, so my dad threatned her telling if she wnated , she could call the police but he wouldn't geet of the car, it was really anoying and i was really scared , i thought my dad was going to hit or kill me, i can't trust him, i cannot trust someone. later on like 10 minutes later my dad got off the car and my mom, my borhter and i when to another place , just ot be far away from my dad

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New Year??

Dec. 30th, 2006 | 12:16 pm

Yesterday was a friki day and today also
Even though it's still 12 o'clock, but, anyway, between yesterday and today was the party. It was so cool, we had a lot of fun, we were all drunked. We also danced a lot, specially me and my "daughter" (a friend aniki), she dances well, and so does Sango.
It was so funny when we were dancing vanilla, 4 women dancing, a very orgasmic moment, but nice anyway XD. Something that happned that i could say it was kind of disgusting, is that everytime i saw a friend she was kissing with a boy, my friend's brother. Kind of disgusting , isn't it?

It was a nice day, we danced a lot, we drank a lot, we had fun a lot too XD
Nice party , but it ended early at 3.30 a.m. XD, well my mom passed at 4.15 , saying that she was coming in 10 minutes more(she said that at 3.30, so funny too).

I really don't know , it was nice, exept for one tin i don't want to remember, because i feel bad :(.

Without that moment everything was great

Happy New Year !!!

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YEY! Holiday Began!

Dec. 28th, 2006 | 02:04 pm
mood: satisfied satisfied

i hadn't write in my lj for a long time. In all these days had happened a lot of thing for rxaple the two weeks before xmas i was working in the shop of my dad. Do you know what is work 14 days !?! I know , it's axaousting, but since xmas had passed in the Carrusel had happened a lot of things, like some kind of problems with a friend who is saying i'm ignoring her (that's not true , you know i would never do that T_T), and thing like yesterday, and the day before. Let's start, the day before yesterday a fat, ugly woman was sitting near us and she started to kiss her hsuband , i can't say her husband was cute, because he was also ugly ! how gross!! i whanted to throw up in that moment, but some how i had luck, cause when the man started to take of his shirt i wasn't there ! yey! . but that same day i was told a bad new, i can't go to the party on friday ! T_T so sad ! it's beacuse i have an infection on my kidney, i'm so sad !!

and. . . yesterday. . . yesterday i met a girl fron santiago, she is also visual and she is very nice , mmm. . . but she's not staying long here, also , we had a problen to buy a coke , we had money but the machine didn't accept the ticket , so we wanted to change the ticket for coins , but no.one wanted to change us the moeny , tell me , who will change money to a boy with white eyes, and tell me , who would change money to a gothic lolita girl? ofcourse i didn't want to do the job , tough io was the normal girl in that moment, so funny anyway...
and many other things...

nice day ?

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††···§···♠···§···†† SicK of LovinG you ††···§···♠···§···††

Dec. 18th, 2006 | 09:03 pm

. . .

. . . .

hate it !!!
oh my god!!!
i really thin gi love you !!
but what can i do !!!
just die on my fucking depression!
but we culd just be together 2 days
witout seing you

is that what we call love!!
fuck it!!!
what’s that thing called love?
All it makes you sufer and you still think about it?
What’s love?
That thing that all it has is pain , and put all that pain in your heart?
Makes you feel depressed?
And you still want to love?
You make me SICK!

fuck everything!!!


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                ††···§···♠···§···†† Deadly Poison ††···§···♠···§···††

Dec. 6th, 2006 | 03:54 pm

††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

I really don't know how things happen
i don't really want to know
it's like depresion
feeling depresed it's "dificult" but
on the oder hand it's " easy"
it's like you don't really want to live
i just wished i hadn't born , my parents doesn't even apresiate what i do
and i don't do it either ,
it's not your family neither your friend who will understand you
they just can help you
but ...
i don't know
i don't really wan t to know
i don't really wan t to be here

                ††···§···♠···§···†† Just Deadly   ††···§···♠···§···††

depresion is a deadly poison
it's like now
it's killing from the inside to the outside
it's rotting all my heart !
tearing it
nothing else
just as this little thing
touches you
it'll kill you
††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

                ††···§···♠···§···††                ††···§···♠···§···††

How does it feel?
when you get hurt
How dpes it feel
when you bleed?
and ...
How does it feel
when no-one loves you?

††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

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Dec. 3rd, 2006 | 06:31 pm
location: home!
mood: blank blank
music: The GazettE

so many things had happened this days
i went to a pillow fight
i didn't participate
but a friend did
she got hurt in the battle
poor thing!
listened to The GazettE all day !
and i also saw my wife yesterday !!
what an interesting day!
isn't it?

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††···§···♠···§···†† Poison ††···§···♠···§···††

Nov. 26th, 2006 | 10:52 pm

i've ate a lot this day
and i love this song !!
sounds stupid
but it' all i have to say
today i talked a lot by phone with my wife(javi) !!
she's so cute and she doesn't admit it !

anyway !
i love her (as a friend, don't think bad!!!)

anyway !!!

††···§···♠···§···††I wanna love but my senses tell me to stop ††···§···♠···§···††

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I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name

Nov. 26th, 2006 | 04:12 pm


hust listen to this song
the lyrics are so beautifull
i loved it !
but this day is not for love and joy !
it's to suffer
just think
what this word say to you
EXAMS! oh god!!
the first one
biology !!
no one can !!!, really i'm dying!
i prefer ...
i don't know another think !


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(no subject)

Nov. 25th, 2006 | 06:21 pm

mmm...dunot know what to write




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††···§···♠···§···†† In Spanish ††···§···♠···§···††

Nov. 25th, 2006 | 11:53 am

there'll be a lot of entries in spanishso here ir one

††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††
Te extraño mas que a nadie
ya que en las noches
no aguanto mas la ausencia
de tus tiempos de reflexion
y de llanto.

ahora lloro sola
son mas no poder
estar aqui por tu espera
que el corazon me devora

vuelve, pofavor
te necesito
como a mi propio exterior
y al aire que respiro
ye necesito , yo
te neceito, y, yo, te axtraño

††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

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