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                ††···§···♠···§···†† Deadly Poison ††···§···♠···§···††

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Dec. 6th, 2006 | 03:54 pm

††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

I really don't know how things happen
i don't really want to know
it's like depresion
feeling depresed it's "dificult" but
on the oder hand it's " easy"
it's like you don't really want to live
i just wished i hadn't born , my parents doesn't even apresiate what i do
and i don't do it either ,
it's not your family neither your friend who will understand you
they just can help you
but ...
i don't know
i don't really wan t to know
i don't really wan t to be here

                ††···§···♠···§···†† Just Deadly   ††···§···♠···§···††

depresion is a deadly poison
it's like now
it's killing from the inside to the outside
it's rotting all my heart !
tearing it
nothing else
just as this little thing
touches you
it'll kill you
††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

                ††···§···♠···§···††                ††···§···♠···§···††

How does it feel?
when you get hurt
How dpes it feel
when you bleed?
and ...
How does it feel
when no-one loves you?

††···§···♠···§···†† ††···§···♠···§···††

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