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YEY! Holiday Began!

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Dec. 28th, 2006 | 02:04 pm
mood: satisfied satisfied

i hadn't write in my lj for a long time. In all these days had happened a lot of thing for rxaple the two weeks before xmas i was working in the shop of my dad. Do you know what is work 14 days !?! I know , it's axaousting, but since xmas had passed in the Carrusel had happened a lot of things, like some kind of problems with a friend who is saying i'm ignoring her (that's not true , you know i would never do that T_T), and thing like yesterday, and the day before. Let's start, the day before yesterday a fat, ugly woman was sitting near us and she started to kiss her hsuband , i can't say her husband was cute, because he was also ugly ! how gross!! i whanted to throw up in that moment, but some how i had luck, cause when the man started to take of his shirt i wasn't there ! yey! . but that same day i was told a bad new, i can't go to the party on friday ! T_T so sad ! it's beacuse i have an infection on my kidney, i'm so sad !!

and. . . yesterday. . . yesterday i met a girl fron santiago, she is also visual and she is very nice , mmm. . . but she's not staying long here, also , we had a problen to buy a coke , we had money but the machine didn't accept the ticket , so we wanted to change the ticket for coins , but no.one wanted to change us the moeny , tell me , who will change money to a boy with white eyes, and tell me , who would change money to a gothic lolita girl? ofcourse i didn't want to do the job , tough io was the normal girl in that moment, so funny anyway...
and many other things...

nice day ?

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~ マカブレ サイコ ~

From: macabre_psycho
Date: Dec. 28th, 2006 05:51 pm (UTC)

No nos querian cambiar la plata T_T
Eso xDDD

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